What This Is

Here’s how I think about the things I share on this blog and why I do it.


There are a few things that make me want to write and publish online:

  • I’ve discovered many interesting ideas, books and people by reading various blogs. I hope to help other people discover things they might enjoy by collecting and listing things I enjoy/find interesting.
  • I’ve often found that I understand things much better when I have to explain them to someone. Hopefully, the result will also be useful to you.
  • Maybe a bit of idealism about participating in the marketplace of ideas?
  • Various people have made convincing arguments for why starting a blog can be a great idea for many people: Alexey Guzey, Rachel Thomas and Neel Nanda, for example. If you’re on the fence about blogging more yourself, do check out their arguments for blogging and responses to common objections.


I’ll mostly write about:

  • books, films, podcasts and music I’ve enjoyed/found interesting.
  • machine learning & maths resources that I find interesting.
  • papers outside of ML that I find interesting.